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Keep Communicating


Now that all your business is being conducted from a distance, communication is more important than ever. Ensure whatever channels you use to talk to your customers are up-to-date and accurate, remain consistent with your brand and most importantly, are actively monitored. For example, if you can try to answer all enquiries within 20 minutes. It could just be the difference between whether you receive your next order or not. Make sure all your communication is clear, accurate and has a personal touch to encourage customers to reach out and connect. Keep in mind they will have many concerns directly related to the current climate and it’s important that you address these and provide reassurances. Here’s some tips for you to do just that:

    This is without doubt the number one concern you’ll need to address. You need to inform your customers how your business is tackling this issue and the measures you’ve already put in place. Reassure them that their health and welfare is very important to you and that you’re taking their concerns very seriously. Create confidence in your customers by providing contactless delivery, increasing your scheduled cleaning and using disposable gloves at all times.

    Our research tells us that now that most people are working from home, and for the most part confined to their homes, they are more aware and sensitive to preparation and delivery times. Perhaps it’s the cabin fever, or the lack of other distractions, but either way, be ware that your customers are watching the clock once they’ve placed an order. So be upfront and truthful about the timing you give your customers. It will make the experience better for both of you.

    Don’t forget the main reason your customers order from you is the appeal of your menu. Let them know that any changes you may have made due to Covid-19 haven’t compromised the taste and quality of your food in any way. Always maintain your presentation standards so any deliveries live up to expectation upon arrival. This will show your customers that despite all the changes in their lives right now the delicious taste of your menu remains a constant. 4. HELPFULNESS. It’s a strange, uncertain world at the moment but regardless we all should strive to do whatever we can to make life easier for each other. Your customers will remember that you went the extra mile for them when this is all over. So be flexible, be helpful, become a problem solver. Half-and-half pizzas, gluten-free options, home delivery, delayed orders or matched wines. Anything that you can do to show your customers you’re in this together, is definitely worth doing well.