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think outside the box


Although hospitality may seem like a bleak industry to be a part of right now, if we consider the upside it’s also the perfect time to innovate, try new ideas and consider a different approach. When opportunity knocks, you should always answer the door.

    People don’t just visit restaurants, bars and cafes for the menu, they’re also there for the complete experience. The opportunity to catch up with friends, enjoy the ambience and for the escapism. So how can you possibly deliver this experience to your customer at home? Unfortunately you can’t, but perhaps with a little creativity and a dash of technology we can replicate the aspect of dining we’re all so hungry for! The group social. Home isolation is now a part of our everyday lives and with everyone currently working from home the popularity of video conferencing software has exploded. Use this trend to encourage customers to combine your menu experience with this technology and enjoy a ZOOM style banquet together! Offer a home delivery banquet menu for group purchase, so that once it’s delivered they can all dine online together. Enjoying a virtual restaurant experience is unconventional yes, but it’s also just possibly the perfect catch-up solution during lock-down!

    As members of the service industry you all know the importance of having great relationships with your customers. Importantly you’ll want customers to remember your business so that once life settles to some semblance of normality, they will want to walk back through your door and not your competitors. With this in mind why not help them to help you! One way to do this could be to set up a LOCKDOWN PANTRY HOTLINE. Encourage your customers to contact you to share the contents of their fridge and pantry via email or over the phone. Then you can use your expertise and creativity to help them identify a tasty dish they can create with what they have readily available.

    If you don’t already offer gift certificates or vouchers, now is a good time to start. Loyal customers are looking for ways to help their favourite places because they know you’re hurting. Give them the option to purchase gift vouchers that they can redeem with you when you open your doors again. You could sweeten the deal by giving them an extra 50% value on it, so a $10 gift certificate purchased now is worth $15 when it’s redeemed later.